Threads and postings vanishing?

I had started e.g. this thread: and there were a few answers to this and now they are all gone. What happened here? I can see it in the subsciptions but not in the forum anymore.


I know that there were more threads where I posted and more answers because the answers triggered emails. Many of these are missing now.

re: The vanishing of the robots…

I think this is the result of all the former members who left the site and either deleted their content on their way out or had their content deleted by the administrators.  Some were not willing to agree to the terms of service.

As an example, I noticed about 20% of the comments dissappeared from my robot in the last week, so it’s not limited to forums.  As about half the comments on my bot were mine, this would imply a 40% loss of people I have corresponded with over the last 3 years.  I would guess many robots and articles are dissappearing too.  Unfortunate and sad.  I can only hope these talented and tremendously interesting people choose to return at some point.  We are all enriched by everyone’s contributions.

:-(I’ve seen missing people


I’ve seen missing people like 0ddBot. Does anybody know, where all these people left to?

Is there some other forum to continue, if this one is dying?

I didn’t foresee it, or i

I didn’t foresee it, or i would have made a back up. But now even using a bot for making a backup is no more allowed.
Old pages feel a lot more void, that’s a good piece of history gone.

Many of us are still here. Many good things are coming if…

I think many of us are sad for the wrong things that happened that are repaired now. Terms are clear enough now about each of us retaining our rights about our content also enjoying a growing stronger community here. With more chances of doing good stuff. 


Maybe someone don’t trust RobotShop. Then backup all your content when you publish it and keep it as a proff of original content. Then get RobotShop into court with that in case they use it beyond your permissions in T&C (and your backups) you’ll probably win. 


However I spoke several times with RobotShop people about our content and they want we keep our ownership. Because they want this community growing good and enjoying making robots. So let’s make backups, LMR and enjoy.

Most postings now looks like

Most postings now looks like books with torn pages.

I know!Some demonically

I know!

Some demonically inspired entity, appears to have removed all my posts containing innuendo.

I hear the guy who makes coffin nails has been busy, as of late.


Unfortunate and a loss for the community

Some former members deleted their content and others asked us to delete their account and content, which we did. We also think it is unfortunate and a loss for the community.