This is my project [DON'T LOOK, JUST BORING]

STARTED 5.7.2012

Okay, so here's my project, what i am designing.
It is a robot arm!
Some stats:

- 4 servos, not very big
- PICAXE 14M as brain
- SM-S3317S 2.0kg at 4.8V
- 4 Rechargeable 1.2V batteries
- Polymorph and lightweight woodsticks as materials 
- Maybe somekind of sensor and IR receiver
- Potentiometer to control

Pictures coming soon!

nice one there!

nice one there!

Picaxe 14m?

It’ll be pretty limited with the 14M with only 256 bytes pf program space to play with.  Why not go up to the 14M2 with its 2048 bytes and LOTS more functionality, or are you trying to use up a 14M you’ve already got?

They don’t sell 14M2 in
They don’t sell 14M2 in Finland

But I guess they sell a good

But I guess they sell a good AVR or PIC dev board (check out both, I don’t want to push you into using AVRs :smiley: ). Both PIC and AVR families have decent µCs for your needs.

I may make a avr project
I may make a avr project board.

There’s always TechSupplies.

Postage to Finland from Techsupplies in the UK for an order under £12.00  (14.90 Euro) is 2.50 Euro.  However, this is uninsured and not tracked.  Over £12.00 it goes up to 10.50 Euro.  With a bit of careful ordering you could get a few of the more recent chips for only a small postage overhead.


You are right!
You are right!