Thinking of XBee Communication, a few questions before I jump in

What I intend to do is create a wireless link between my robot and my laptop, for remote serial programming, and remote control.

I posess a PICAXE 28X1 project board that i wish to connect with an XBee module.

From what I've seen in an AXE210 is suggested. On page 9 however, we find that the XBee is only connected to the AXE by three pins: two inputs and one output.

Is it fair to say then, that i could just use this with my 28X1, set aside two outputs and one input on the project board for connections to the XBee? The XBee would be sitting in and XBee explorer regulated board.

For the other end of an XBee connection, i'd have the wireless module connected to my laptop via the XBee Explorer USB board.


Is this all peachy? Or am I missing something crucial?

It is a picaxe project board

It is a PICAXE project board that supports the XBee module. The chip on the board is a PICAXE 18X.

See also this tutorial regarding PICAXE and XBee: