Thinking about building a 1 Bit Microcontroller

Okay, so I have done quite a bit of research online. I have fairly good sites for building the CPU itself, with the main ones being Minecraft and Duo (mine would resemble the Minecraft one much more, contain 2 registers, might add some more opcode though). Also, I have found a 1-bit CPU, the mc14500 from quite a few years past.

However, I have found no info on a 1-bit microcontroller. Furthermore, some people consider the Mc14500 a 1-bit microcontroller. So, question time:

I know CPU is just part of a microcontroller. However, is the CPU the same thing as a microcontroller for 1-bit? If not, what do I need to add to the Minecraft CPU to make it a true Microcontroller?

I plan on building it out of all transistors or all relays. Which would you choose, and why?

Would proto-board be the best thing for this project? I don't want it to fall apart like my almost complete 4 bit adder did.