These are the Droids We’re Looking For: A Celebration of the Star Wars Bots

Robots have been there to delight, amuse, entertain, scare, and make us think for almost as long as humans have sat in front of a screen to gain entertainment from moving pictures. One of cinema’s first true ambitious masterpieces — Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from 1927 — had a robot at the heart of its story. Gort, the silent alien robot visitor with laser vision, was an iconic figure of 1950s cinema. The T-1000 worked to try to doom humanity and then tried to save it; Rick Deckard of Blade Runner fame fought and romanced robots (and might have been one himself). Robots cross all genres and mediums — Wall-E for the Pixar generation, Rosey the robot for the golden age of television animation, Johnny 5 for 80s kids. It’s not slowing down, either; witness the creation of one of the screen’s most memorable (and thought-provoking) robots in Ex Machina and even more kiddie-centered smash-em-ups with more Transformers action. 

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