There is a new player in Robot vaccum cleaner

Hi techguy.phil,

RobotShop is always searching for new products to add to their line of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.

We are currently in discussion with the manufacturer and hope to have the Neato XV-11 available on the RobotShop website soon.

We will let our community know once it is available.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing this robot from us.

Hi techguy.phil,

We are very interrested in comparing the Neato XV-11 with other **robot vacuum cleaners **also. We have no plans at the moment to have customers test this product but, we will cetainly contact you if our plans change.

You guys probably already know about this but there is a new vacuum cleaning robot coming out soon the neato VX-11 in march or febuary not too sure. Looks a bit like the roomba, but there is a big difference, the robot is mapping the room so it does not clean twice at the same place, instead of random travelling.
They say the price will be around 400$ us.

My question is " Is Robotshop gonna resell this new robot eventually?"


Hi Julie,

This is awesome. Now just need to know how good is this new robot. Do you guys need any robot cleaner tester? hehe… :slight_smile: