Theo Jansen style robot leg: prototype #6

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I am busy with the tweaking and fine tuning of my plywood version of prototype #5. I had no idea this would turn into a different design I now call #6.

This photo shows #6 in its leftmost position. It just cannot reach the extreme. There are still several small bits of plywood touching that should not be touching. Again with the jig and with the saw!



This picture shows the black lines that need cutting off. I decided to go with a curvy "K crank" after all. Look at the dashed line on the straight version. That's where it is conflicting with the strut inside the double decker part. This was only one of many adjustments like this.



This shows the difference between the final #6 parts and the #5 templates they were based upon. The "C" part in the middle is now inside the double decker, so it could not be photographed. You see the old and the new template on top of each other. The newest design has it cut considerably smaller.

The struts in the top part have also been redesigned. This makes sure the big "cover" touches a strut on each major part where ever it is during the motion cycle.

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@ 4:05 ;D
@ 4:05 ;D