The Technology Showcase London 2016 with Makeblock

Imagine 30 of the most trendy tech companies show you their new toys and gadgets and let you play with them before buy. That´s The Technology Showcase at Westfield in London four days this October, and more than 500,000 visitors on previous technology events.


I was invited by Makeblock to meet them, see their new robots and have some good time.

So the show lasted four days, and during my Saturday's visit I saw companies showing robots for music, diy mechatronics even for other different technical things. 

But the booth that interested me most was the Makeblock one. They brough their new development: the Airblock. It's a modular robot that has two main styles, the drone and the hovercraft. I wanted to see in real how it works and I have to say that again, it's very easy and very funny. But let's see in the video how Matt from Makeblocks explains it, sorry for the background noise from the event.

I had time also to talk with technical and sales people from Makeblock, they were very friendly and open to talk about different chanllenges in robotics regarding education and the projects they are doing.

As you may know from my Twitter and Instagram, I'm preparing new robots based on Makeblock ones, so stay tunned and Let's Make Robots.

Please share your comments and questions below. Thanks!