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There have been enough episodes of this “periodical” to call it a tradition now. And I decided to give you all a sneak peek into the Pulse’s kitchen. Consider this a “Howto Write The Pulse”.

What is a “Pulse” anyway? I do not hold a proper definition. And I do not accept any limitations on it. Not in content and certainly not in form. Some weeks ago it was nothing more than a staged photo. Before that a zany fake scientific report about pizza nuking. Some Pulses carry a serious undertone. Some only prove that I am tone deaf.

There seem to be two recurring things though: robot building and LMR. Preferably in combination. This started out once as a showcase of cool robots and cool happenings, both on LMR.


The Two Elements: Ideas

I start every Pulse with a collection of notes I assembled over time. See this snapshot of the current "Nota Bene file".

Every time, during my daily LMR experience, when I come across something half mentionable, I will note it in this file. I make sure to jot down a node number as well. That saves me a lot of searching later.

All these lame puns, crazy thoughts and half baked ideas help me get together at least three items for a new edition. The rest shall have to come from spur of the moment inspirations. Not seldom from the shoutbox. Or it simply will be a very short Pulse. That is fine by me as well.


The Two Elements: Writing

Writing is cutting. Some notes from the file never make it into a Pulse. Sometime because I do a "Themed Issue" and not every idea fits the theme. Sometimes they just loose their appeal over time. And quite a lot of time can go by between two Pulses...

I am currently using the free Amaya HTML editor because it allows me to use tables. The built-in editor from LMR does not allow that. A template file helps me to keep the format consistent from edition to edition. The illustrations I use, are first uploaded to LMR and then linked from my local html copy. This saves me a lot of time later on.

When it's all written and illustrated, I copy and paste the raw html source into the on-line editor on LMR (disable rich text mode). The final touches include tagging, title, resizing images (to 300 pixels wide) and spell checking.


How Strong Is Your Pulse?

I said it before and I will repeat it as often as I feel like. I do not own The Pulse. All Pulses are belong to us.

This is an open invitation to all of you to share your thoughts and ideas about LMR and about robot building in general. In your blog. Use this title if you want to. Or use your own. Do it once, or as often as you feel like it, when you feel like it.

If writing is not your favourite form, do something surprisingly different. How about an audio report/podcast? Or a video? Don't worry about any pretty words or pretty pictures. Just share your personal LMR experience with the rest of us.


Final thoughts

Anything goes!


The previous "Pulse" was 2009w08. All Pulses are tagged as "thepulse". Feed your RSS muncher with this.

Another very nice “how-to”!I

Another very nice “how-to”!

I don’t think I could ever do as good of a “pulse” as you, HOWEVER, I am more than happy to continue to report on my experiences and information gleaned from Seattle Robotics meetings.

I do have to admit, I eagerly awaited for each of your posts to see if I was mentioned, that means I did something memorable!

…that and it made my ego purr. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here here, I hope more

Here here, I hope more people will decide to start posting their own entries. I’d enjoy seeing LMR filtered through the perspective of several different people. And it certainly offers the opportunity for creativity.


**so a pulse **

is a post/blog entry?

Im confused :frowning:

follow the yellow brick road

take right coloured pill

eat the proper mushroom


click the links to older Pulses, have nice Saturday