The Pulse - 2009w39


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Remember kids: once your robot is posted on LMR: it stays there. For ever. Come next Christmas, Pesach or any kind of New Year, LMR will still be hosting the pictures your shot, the video you edited and the very words you wrote.

And they will haunt you for all eternity.

That’s what happened with my blogs about my attempted Theo Jansen walkers. That project has been hibernating all summer long, but people are finding it through the search engines. And they are posting their own projects. Painful reminders of my own procrastination and lack of progress. And every bit as enjoyable to read as the next!

Just make sure you post the robots you want to be reminded about. Even after many many months or even years. Hmm’kay?


Another robot that should have been here sooner: this Drawbot could have entered the Write-LMR Challenge. If it could write.

A challenge which has still not ended, by the way. Is this a case of collective procrastinating? Or is it forgotten because no-one bothers to Google it?




Hello I am Walter
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
what would you like to do?
autonomous mode
remote control mode
beacon search
i have found the beacon
i have found the baseline
i am docked
good morning
good afternoon
good night
beacon detected
object detected
person detected
movement detected

I say that is rather splendid.



When Frits wrote to DAGU that he needed an easy and cheap way to mount a sensor to a single servo, Oddbot was quick to respond. If you do not yet know who Frits, DAGU and Oddbot are, then you have not been reading your Pulses! Foei!

Since then, ignoblenome wrote a fine walk through on creating a servo head that pans and tilts, using two servos. He suggested to create a little hold to keep one servo in position. Turns out Oddbot was thinking along the same line and the new and revised servo mounts are now being prepared for production.

But we still call them the "Node 7046 Brackets" around here.



Gareth: 1 minute silence ...... my sharp is on its way to heaven :-(
TinHead: thanks to RobotFreak .. he is the man today :D
TinHead: now I can finally go on ... bah
TinHead: ok silence ... right
ignoblegnome: OK, silence over. My condolences on your Sharp, Gareth.
Gareth: Thanks pal - luckily it was a quick passing over (300ma reverse current)
Gareth: the display panel dimmed in sympathy
Gareth: means "LoMoR" has to mourn for a week or two until new one comes
TinHead: May the Sharp RIP
ignoblegnome: Too bad... would you consider contributing to my Ignoble Idiocy blog? Documenting failure for the benefit of LMR.
ignoblegnome: Sounds like it was dramatic.
Gareth: link please:- i can only describe the smell and faint dying heat burn on my finger
ignoblegnome: node/10280
Gareth: Blogged Ignoblegnome :-(
ignoblegnome: Thx for sharing, Gareth!
Gareth: yes it still pains me
ignoblegnome: All your pain are belong to us, Brother.
Gareth: LöL

This was the moment I happened to log on (for the record: at 09/24/09 03:53pm Tennessee Time)

Gareth: shhh rik is online
rik: too late: I already copied and pasted!!!!
rik: LöL indeed!
Gareth: ohhhh nooooo - rik but but nonono .....


Ohhhh Yes Gareth! Yes indeed!

Final thoughts

Sometimes even the shoutbox is for all eternity!


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Three Cheers for a new Pulse!

Cheer #1: Yay! A new Pulse!

Cheer #2: LOL, rik got you, Gareth

Cheer #3: Wow, I got two mentions in the Pulse… I’m blushing!