The Pulse - 2009w14


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Random pieces of advice

Do Don’t
common your grounds try to build a bad karma bot
use a good hot soldering iron heat your components too long
start simple plan your whole robot, than build it, than wire it, than program it and than expect it to work exactly as planned
get yourself plenty of jumper cables post a robot page that has nothing to show for
pull down your analogue inputs pull down your pants
put caps across everything and then some under estimate the required gear ratio
invest in double sided tape invest in paint stirring sticks: those are free
remember: the very first resistor you are likely going to need, reads: orange-orange-brown-gold trust the guy from the store
read the fine manual use firmware A.4
close your parentheses, always close your smileys :wink:
reference wikipedia revere wikipedia
ask for help ask for help in the shoutbox or (possibly even worse) in a personal message
pat yourself on the back fo a robot well built build a robot to pat your back for you
reuse parts found in gadgets people dumped in waste bins reuse the gadgets that smell like nitro glycerine and go “tick-tock tick-tock”
add titles, voice overs, music to your robot video lose a whole night sleep over your video edits
hat your bot beg for attention
comment IN thread typ asif ur txting type as if you are SMS’ing
write the next Pulse yourself wait for rik to write the next Pulse

Mommy and Daddy are not fighting

They are just exchanging clever banter.


What would a wooden horse want to eat?

As the soonish to be proudish proprietor of a whole wooden menagerie, I take interest in this experiment by Frits.

Too bad he found plastic alternatives.

(And what would you use to cover the stable's floor? Manure?)

Robot with a leg up?

Or a tankah sporting a tremendous woody?


OMG, he does not know Johnny 5!!!

That is serious malfunction!


Speaking of Hollywood inspired designs

Nope, not Disney. This comes from Forrest Gump.


Chinese toymaker sits at a bar Down Under

Says the Chinaman to the bartending automaton: "Oy mate! Thez'a nasty pillar in me coldie! Better splash it awayh eh! Or I'll take the lottaya back'ta moy shop and take ye'all apaaht eh!".

To which the droid replies: "How lude!".


Final thoughts

I'm not certain about the resistor, but trust me on the caps!


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thankyou for the pulse rik
thankyou for the pulse rik

the last “don’t” i will
the last “don’t” i will always do :slight_smile:

OMG, he does not know Johnny 5!!!

DON’T pull down your

DON’T pull down your pants…???

RIK, even you know that is a rubbish advice… That is most definitly a thing for the DO-list

OMG, I never saw this

OMG, I never saw this before!!

I actually entered to write "When are we getting the next edition of The Pulse?"

Rik; We need to have each edition featured on the front page!

And we need a new edition, special DAGU-version!

Wow, a new The Pulse, though it’s old, I will read it now!


You really have been on a different planet. Here’s a tip for newbies like yourself: