The Pulse - 2009w08


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Are we too self involved in here?

Ever since we celebrated ourselves in the magnificent birthday bash, this site has seen a lot of navel staring activity. Hasn’t it? There was a lot of debate going on about us and our fav hangout. We made our site prettier. And we started a scrapbook, priding ourselves on the recognition we receive from the outside world.


We sure like ourselves a lot. Reminds me of a certain Greek youth I once knew. Whose name still echoes faintly along the waterfront whenever I see the daffodils in bloom.



So much has happened in the past few weeks, that I find it very hard to write a compilation. Some people mentioned that they need my little recaps to catch up on all the cool stuff they missed. And that they keep missing posts simply because there are sooo many of them. Last time I sat down behind (in front of?) my computer after a long two days AFK, I was blown away by the sheer number of unread posts.

I cannot any longer promise The Pulse to be a complete overview of LMR. If it ever were complete. I must also emphasise that my Pulses are a very personal selection of subjects and trends. And remember, my observations or comments can get quite opinionated. Read on at your own risk!


Show your cat on LMR

This trend surely is mention worthy: more and more cats show up in pictures on LMR. There is almost a club for it now! I wonder how long it takes before some really lewd member (…) makes the all too obvious pun.


So for the record, do we love cats or splat cats?


Take the helm, Mr Robot!

Some time ago there was daydreaming about an LMR bot that would visit shore dwelling members one by one. An ocean going autonomous vehicle that could travel across the globe. On its own. Northcove built something like that. And it is pretty and yellow!

I doubt he will let it loose on the oceans though. It cost a fortune and it is meant to serve as a test platform for instruments he develops professionally.


Very territorial

This minisumo is so funny. And the pictures provided by builder noise0 are sooo pretty! But not yellow.

Imagine a swarm of these!


Pictomatix takes the cake

More pretty pictures by Oddbot here. He built a robot to take pictures for him. Pictures of robots.

And pictures of feet.


And The Narcissus Award 2009 AD Goes To…

The robot that loves itself so much, it does nothing but admiring its own image. Through a digital camera lens of course. We live in modern times!

This robot parks its detachable camera trailer in a photogenic location, poses in front of it and then smiles wide while the camera snaps another picture.

The only visible evidence (so far) that this design is in actual fabrication, is a short video demonstrating the Smiling Subsystem. This video is so hilarious, that it was immediately syndicated across the blogosphere.


Another one for our scrapbook Frits! Doncha just love it?


(Painting by Michelangelo de Caravaggio,
cut in two by art vandal Rik)

Final thoughts

Every robot needs shoes!

Love My Robot!

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What? I have to get a cat

What? I have to get a cat now to belong in another club???

Would my mom’s hairless cat count?

Wemyss cat
Isn’t that a Wemyss cat? They’re very popular here.

Aye, no need for your blog

Aye, no need for your blog to be a single comprehensive summary of the “best of LMR” – you should highlight the stuff you’ve seen that you liked, from your point of view, and other people are welcome to do the same. I’d happily read several different “highlights”-type blogs like this, if a few other people also wanted to pick them up. But you’ve set the bar nice and high in the quality department :slight_smile: Also, although I’ve always known about the ‘week number’ date metric, I’ve never had a good sense for what the current week number was, so it wasn’t a useful way to refer to dates. Your Pulses give me a semi-regular indication for week number, which helps me keep track of where we are in the year. So thanks for that too :slight_smile:


Love your blog rik, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Must have myssed that
Dunno what that is, a Wemyss cat. Just found a pic on google that had a cat and narcissus in it. Oh and it appears to be hosted at .

Turn down the PWM on that vacuum cleaner!

"electrically safe": sure it is.

And I would never try to join a club that required me to have a cat! Ever.

more highlights blogs

Comprehensive: I agree. I do now anyway. I really need to suppress the tendency to make lists complete. (And when I write tendency, I really mean obsession).

I would not, could not, have completed any Pulse, if I had not succeeded in that suppression. But the week following our birthday has been particularly challenging in that respect. See 2009w07.

Other bloggers: I too would appreciate other peoples’ highlight blogs. I would like to read other responses to the robots and to everything else that’s going on in the LMR community. I bet it would present a very different picture. A fresh point of view. Would be really neat to compare all that.

Thanks for the compliment about the quality of The Pulse. I do not mean to set any bar to anyone writing on LMR. I would hate to find that someone out there would shy away from responding or posting, just because they felt their writing was not up to LMR snuff. Please everybody. Keep on writing! Respond to blogs and robots and stuff! And post your own!

And if you are feeling really typey, compile a handful of highlights and post them in your blog. My title “The Pulse” is open for use by any writer who wants to use it! No need to make it nice, or perfect, or periodical, or witty, or illustrated, or tabulated or even comprehensive! That just is way too much work

I encourage all of you to add to this dung heap. :wink:


date +%V

Every time I write a new Pulse, I need to check the week number. Again and again. You would think a linux user would have some handy command in the quick draw holster of his mind?

Glad to be of service. :sunglasses:

You could EAT a cat that
You could EAT a cat that counts as having one right?

Having: Yes

Showing: No

unless you happen to have a Garteh style X-ray machine…

Aha! Thanks :)Dan

Aha! Thanks :slight_smile: