The Pulse - 2009w02


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“Danger Will Robinson!”

Now what is that I’m reading? This one robot got destroyed in a fire? And its Infra Red sensor was tested following what kind of IR emitter?! Maybe use an LED next time…


"Thank you kindly sirs."

Ozzy is a new robot on the site. Ezekiel wrote a very elaborate project page about it. And he was so kind to mention the sources of inspiration he found on LMR. No, not Disney, on LMR!


"Smooth and flat"

Oddbot loves to use his Polymorph. He wrote a walk through on the stuff. Excellent suggestions on how to make really smooth, straight, flat surfaces and straight angles.



It is a time honored tradition in many guilds to start off the training of a new padowan by having him create his own tools of the trade. An apprentice carpenter is told to make his own straight angle. An apprentice blacksmith would forge a pair of pliers. And Mikkel jumped straight to building his own resistor sorting robot.

But he seems to have gotten stuck at the awkward "Tubular Pie" stage. *Sigh* We've all been there.


"Poor Maddy is covered."

Guess which one of us names his/her car? (Hint: his/her car is in a video somewhere on LMR.)

" 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"

All our mice fell silent on Christmas Eve as our mostest favoritest website broke down! The server came back up soon enough, but the database got damaged in the process.

Poor, faithful Dan interrupted his celebration of the Holy Days with his family and fixed it all. So we could all continue to brag about all the cool Christmas Robot Presents we got.


"The LCD from Hell"

One man's Hell is another man's Heaven. Chris bought a nice binary puzzle just for my enjoyment. Way Cool, with blue back light and inverted characters! Way inverted. And very shifty.

When the ratchet puzzle wouldn't budge, Chris sneaked a peak in the answer pages and came up with the good ol' Picaxe firmware bug. Nahhhhh, that's just too obvious dude! Come up with something better next time!

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Apart from: "Never help a Carpenter who has his own podcast show". You will never live it off...

"EH OH!"

We see many toy conversions here on LMR. Mikkel is the only one who had the presence of mind to video his creation in TeleTubbyLand.



"About time I showed my face"

Welcome to the SYFL Club Ant!


"Go for it!"

This site is growing a bit of an attitude, a motto. "Go for it!" What could possibly go wrong? Every time someone suggests a crazy idea, this is what LMR's response will be. Are you not sure your code is capable of steering your bot cleanly along a straight wall? Don't fret about it! Just make it go! Faster!

Then, tweak your code. Add a sensor. Tweak some more. The worst that could happen is you having a great deal of fun. And maybe learn something along the way. And maybe you'll write about it here on LMR. To educate and entertain us all.

Go for it. But stay away from the match box.


Final "thoughts"

Origami is for squares! 5 mm squares.


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wow, the SYFLV group is

wow, the SYFLV group is steadily growing! Amazing all that’s going on even during the holiday season.

Oh, and “Maddy” is shortened from Matilda. My friend told me what a Matilda in Australia is, and it worked. I mainly got her after a nasty breakup and car accident (all within a week) while living about 1,000 miles from home. I needed something that I could travel in. She’s diesel and sounds purdy :3


Show Your Face L? V?



Quick search + correction

You’re right. A quick search on Lmr reveals that the V in that acronym is a bit inconsistent.

So allow me to correct that.


Once again, a brilliant issue of my favorite bot-mag. Well done Rik!

Hey my robots up there! I
Hey my robots up there! I guess I should get back to working on it then :smiley:

Proposal / idea
Special section in Pulses to come: "Featured LMR-profile"


If you get us the official LMR logo already!

(will browse a few profiles, they could be fun. Or it might encourage people to make them prettier)

Was not so much thinking

Was not so much thinking about the profile page of someone - cause I/we ned to optimize that functionality pretty bad… No, more about hanging someone out; Seing their destinct building style, finding tendencies in their aproach etc. Mostly that someone was “it”, and everyone could comment on the poor bastard… Or something :slight_smile: One point in this could also be the persons profile-page…

However, its just an idea, it’s your Magazine :wink:

I like to read people’s
I like to read people’s profile pages. Frits wins the price [SIC] for the longest profile! I also declared myself “King of the unfinished robots” in my profile. I don’t post most of the stuff I make because I know I won’t make it into a full fledged robot. I’m all about playing with components rather than finishing a robot.

<bullet time> That’s a whole different ball game. That almost sounds like actual Journalism! And a lot of work… </bullet time>

heheheheh Maddy is keeping people busy!

Behold the wonders of site stats! According to google analytics, this Pulse has provoked people to search for maddy on LMR. They still do after a ful month! At an average of five times a day!

And they all come up empty…

gneh gneh gnah!

Ayee, I thought there was a
Ayee, I thought there was a new pulse with all this activity! :confused:

nope: same old stuff

just a typical case of rekindling old threads


If you really want, I’ll
If you really want, I’ll post a pic of her somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue: