The Pulse - 2008w50


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You people (and I) are positively completely obsessed with power! Now how about that wiki?


Looking in from the outside

Outside of there seems to exists an entire World Wide Web. Teaming with interesting places. I am in the habit of checking some of them several times a week. is one of them. Just a few days ago it featured a certain robot that plays drums. No, not that one. A different one. It also turned up on the MakeZine Blog. Which led to an appearance on Gizmodo. Lots of kudos for Calculon320 from the people who know where to read the interesting blogs.

I am not sure who saw Calculon's bot first or who started this flurry of publicity. But someone is definitely watching us here!


Search engines are fun

Inspired by this chain of links, I decided to do a bit of digging. Could not find any more links to the drumbot, so I decided to just google another famous LMR project. Well, I did not track back to LMR, but I did learn about a duo of film directors who call their collective Walter Robot. "Walter" even has its own page on wikipedia. And two of their film productions even include an "actual" robot.

Furthermore someone made up a cute, but unimaginative backronym W.A.L.T.E.R. And finally somewhere out there, in some robotlab, wanders a real scientific robot (pdf) with the same name. I'm guessing it did not have to kill any professional power tools for a drive system. Or ever have as much fun.


Final thoughts

Here's a bit of homework for you. If you were to write The Pulse 2008W53 (which is not at all unthinkable), which of last year's highlights would you definitely include? Apart from LMR getting started of course.

I repeat: not unthinkable!


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Power… to the artys!

Yay, there is a lot of electronics-talks on the site, not so much on creations IMHO.

I know I am to blame as well, not submitting, nor inventing - my life does not permit me to be constructing much these days.

Where I the only arty, or are you fella arties out there making stuff?Shall the site be a techie-site? Fight back!

correction: that one
is of course really this one. (not the start here bot)

great summary as usual :stuck_out_tongue:
great summary as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Good write-up
Another excellent installment.