The new "Shark" model of our robot

Last year we spend considerable amount of time building the new version of our robotics vehicle. Here is the result - the small tracked vehicle which might be intereresting for researchers in robotcs, AI, computer vision as well as for DIY enthusiasts. All the model, assembling instructions and software are open source.


We are using Dagu's tracked chassis. The body of the vehicle is 3D printed. The BeagleBoard-xM is used as on-board computer to control wide range of sensors (such as ultrasonic range finders, compass, cameras, etc.). If you are interested, please check out our web-site for more details.

This is a really cool

This is a really cool project. I love the dash you’ve superimposed on the webcam view and the conversion of the image.
It’s got all the elements needed to do some serious robotics work.

Now if I can be picky I looked at your website and one thing caught my eye was the stats for code in the bottom left corner.
No big deal really it looks impressive those figures but I wonder how accurate it is.

Sorry for the criticism because this project shows a lot of work went into it and I should probably bite my lip but the statistics were so outlandish.

Re: This is a really cool

Thank you for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:

Regarding statistic - there are two reasons for it. The first one is that we have several 3D models for the cockpit application (what you called the dash) in the repository. These models are in COLLADA (.dae) format which is XML. So the analyzer counts them too. They are generated (exported) from Blender 3D models and could be rather large. But there is a combo-box on the statistic widget which you can use to ignore mark-ups. However, it would not be completely fair because the work of 3D designer would be essentially ignored in this case.

The second and I think the main reason is the C++ library we use to parse COLLADA files. This is not ours library and, as I understand, the big part of it is automatically generated. That is why there is a lot of lines of code in it. For historical reasons we did not have separate git repository for it and can not remove this library from statistic calculation right now. We will do it with the next refactoring iteration.

Nevertheless, there are 2 very experienced software developers and 3D designer working on this project since at least 3 years. It should not be underestimated either :wink: .