The Natural Robotics Contest

If you’ve ever watched animal (or plant!) and thought ‘Why can’t we do it that way?’, this is the place for you:

Perhaps a robotic woodpecker that checks trees for disease? Maybe a robot falcon protecting the eggs of sea turtles? Or a mechanical plant that reinforces a riverbank?

A team of robotics researchers are asking for drawings of robots inspired by nature, and we will be turning the winning design into a real, working prototype this summer

Our main aim is to foster interest in biomimicry, and to let in some creativity from outside of engineering research offices - I often get some great impromptu pitches when I’m visiting schools / talking to the public, so this is a chance to take something off the drawing board that might not otherwise get made.

Fee free to get in touch if you’d like to know more!

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Thank you. Really good contest. Is there any entry fee?

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Not at all! We want the contest to be accessible to everyone.

Thank you so much. It’s really appreciable.