The Making of Blaster Shark (Sumo)

Hello fellow robot builders,

Its been another while since my last post.  My building mojo has been renewed and I am starting a new sumobot.  The Vulcan Five is on hiatus until I can get the PCB replaced.  This time around I am building a minisumo which will compete in the upcoming Western Canadian Robot Games on May 15th.

This initial blog will the the central hub for subsequent blogs as I plan to document the process I usually go about to build robots.  My intention is to provide a good starting point for people intersted in sumobots to get ideas and have a semi-decent starting point.  I do higly recommend that anyone new to robotics do check out the how to make your first robot tutorial on how to make the start here robot.

So here are the links:






The links will slowly get populated as I finish each step.  In the meantime happy building.