The best pictures

In other fora I often get nice feedback on my footage of my robots. Such as "I like the way you filmed it" etc. Nobody on LMR has been that kind, but that should not stop me from acting clever in here!

The "trick" is simple; Go down, boy!

  • A robot filmed from above looks like "something on the floor".
  • A robot filmed with the camera on the floor / same level as the robot, makes the "monster look big" - and you can actually see the thing as well, as one tend to get closer to the object when you are at same level of height.

Camera-flash always makes pictures look cheaper, and of worse quality.

Sunlight always makes the robot look better on pictures.


If you use a real camera for pictures (not just a mobile):

  • - and you have a Macro function on it (usually it has a sign of a Tulip), use it!
  • - and you can set exposure-time higher / longer, do it!(and hold the camera still :)

Finally; Read the last parts on this tutorial