TFmini connector?


I ordered the TFmini infrared LiDAR module and there is a small wire terminated with a small connector. the user-end look like a Molex Picoblade.
The TFmini end look proprietary : It’s a crap idea from Benewake to use a proprietary connector !

can you sell spare Benewake proprietary cable ?


Hi Pascal,

We do not currently sell the cable for the TFMini individually.

We have contacted the manufacturer on your behalf to obtain more information about this.

We will post here again as soon as we receive a reply.


Hi Pascal,

The manufacturer confirmed they have a custom connector, like you suspected.

That being said, we will be able to obtain cables from them. Of course, since they are not exactly close by, it may take a little while for them to be available.

You could also contact the manufacturer through their support form to obtain a replacement cable from them directly, if you wish. You can find it here.


Hi there,
According to the user manual, the connector is not proprietary. It is a GH1.25-4P.

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Oh well, yeah, you are right. It is right there on page 9 of the manual. Thank you for the correction!
You can probably find some here.

@scharette @serveurperso did you identify a suitable connector for the GH1.25-4P?
I have spent an hour searching the internet for one without success.
Best regards

Hello Robin! Welcome to the RobotShop community.

You can search any online store that stock misc parts such as Digikey. Here’s an example of a quick search for the GH1.25-4P:

Which quickly led me to:

You can search around online on other misc connector stores and see if you can find the 4-pin version.

Alternatively, you could always contact the manufacturer’s support and see if they can offer you a source for those connectors. You can reach them here.

I hope that helps!


Thanks @scharette
So I concluded that this is a ‘standard’ connector for the I2C bus on a drone controller? I have ordered an expander and some cables with jumper wire termination, which will (hopefully) allow me to interface the sensor with a raspberry pi GPIO.

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