Test yourself: Arty or Techie

I scored points in number 3

I scored points in number 3 and number 7.

Well. I know you, and so I
Well. I know you, and so I can tell that you are not honest on 1,2,4,5 & 6!

I like what Theo Jansen said

I like what Theo Jansen said … "The walls between art and engineering are only in our minds"

For example if BOA’s score was stored in a 8 bit array where every bit represented a point, his signed byte score would be -128!

So in reality BOA is artist, a rockin popstar artist !! Don’t believe me, check this BOA and this on wikipedia

After the sex change operation, he has become an awesome engineer … see? art, engineering, reality, it can all get blurred together ! It’s all good… :slight_smile:

I’m being completely honest.
I’m being completely honest. I think your questions are a bit off though indicating whether you’re a techie or an arty. For instance there is no way I would go for assembly language unless I really really needed to do some optimizations that the C-compiler for arduino couldn’t do.

Hey - Grog - What did you
Hey - Grog - What did you score? Honest, it is really not fun to say "PI" or 8 or whatever, tell me, what did you score, honestly?

What does it matter Fritsy?

What does it matter Fritsy? - this sounds very left brain of you … like your statistical engineering side wants to pigeon-hole me :slight_smile: - Are you sure you got a 0 on the test?

You and BOA, you guys just
You and BOA, you guys just cannot answer questions without being "funny"! What is it that you are afraid of, I wonder? Being like the rest of us?

I got a whopping 1 and

I got a whopping 1 and that’s cause I chose A & B on the first question…

Not afraid at all - but multiple choice is lacking of much insight - so I filled it out more :wink:

1) Your robot has to navigate in a park. Do you design it to…
A & B - why wouldn’t you have it do both if possible? Just because you can avoid the rock in front of you doesn’t mean you will be able to navigate to the store down the street - you would need to do both. (+0 +1)

2) The fun about building robots are …
A far out weighs B - maybe its i want to give birth to something, womb envy … i dunno … but i think nearly all roboteurs would lean this way - picture here somes it up. https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/827#comment-4209 (+0)

3) If there is a cable that has 3.7V coming out from your circuit, and you thought it should have been 5V, would you rather / typically…
B - but knowing my luck the 3.7 volts burns up something expensive - so i kick myself in the ass after that happens and wish I chose A (+0)

4) You have to make a robot arm that is going to take up all your socks from your drawer. Would your first thought be…
(neither) - Make a robot arm strong enough to take the drawer out and dump everything out - if its this strong you can use it for other fun things too (+0)

5) If you should chose to be an expert in one of the 2 below, just somehow get all knowledge inserted into your brain, what would you chose:
A - I’d probably go with A cause I’m pretty lazy and higher level languages let you do more with less, but at the same time I like B because I like to know how things work (+0)

6) Building robots often happens alone. If you where together on a camp with 1.000’s of other builders, would you rather…
Don’t see how this relates to Artsy vs Techy - this is more do you prefer to work by yourself or with others. (You can be Artsy or Techy with either) I have had the great opportunity to work with others on an Art project a couple times, although I typically work by myself - this is more a personal or social preference

7) After making a robot, would it make you more happy if…
Neither - most of my happiness is usually derived from making the thing - like spawning life, or in the process of making it, discovering how the simple things i take for granted every day are so much more amazingly complex and simple at the same time … it …just … well, just blows me away…

Alright … now you got me all philosophical,
time for a beer and a cat.


Honest answer?
I’d have to say “yes” and I’m not being funny.

Broken logic

Wait a minute. If the score was stored in an 8 bit array with each bit representing a pointm that would be 11111111. That’s -1 not -128. Unless bit 0 is 1 point, bit 1 is 2 points, bit 2 is 3 points, etc, which makes it 10000000. I think somebody must have spiked your Cola.

Arrggh ! - dang it your

Arrggh ! - dang it your right -1 … I liked it better when you were an artist :smiley:

techie, barely

1) navigate in a park
B just obstacle avoidance
[no points]

2) fun of building bots
A+B I get to enjoy both if I want to!
[still worth a point I guess]

3) debugging 3.7 V
A definately A!
[2 points]

4) pick up all socks
B because the program would be so much cleaner
[still 2 points]

5) free expertise
B assembly because THAT would be something new (I could always depend in my own, less than 100%, expertise on the higher level languages)
[OK I’ll take the point: 3]

6) would rather
A) be a part in something bigger
[4 points]

7) build bots to impress
A+B because I would like to impress the botmates with amazing cool designs and the lay people with inventions
[refusing to take a point for that: still 4 points]

extra bonus question
8) Would you structure a forum post as you would a program? And would you debate the selectivity of a Cosmo-style Artsy/Techie test?
[6 points]

I guess, that final question pushed me over Frits’s techie threshold…

i guess you should take 0.5

i guess you should take 0.5 for answer 1, as +0+1 is =+1 and that would be like answering with the second choice only. You should in fact get an average of the two.

Does this comment make me more techy than before?

only by a quarter point in my opinion

Arty :confused:

I got a 1. Maybe I don’t belong here? lol

The point I got was on the first question.

I was also tempted by the possibility of being fluent in assembly code, but then I realized I wouldn’t be able to share code with other builders.

All Mixed Up
I’m not sure if I’m going over to the “dark side” or if I’ve always been a hybrid.

Mr Clean, my friend
A score of 1 means that you are my new friend, 1474!

Yay I have friends on the
Yay I have friends on the internets. :smiley:

This site is great by the
This site is great by the way. It’s a really cool community of creative minds. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and collaborating with them on our projects!