Tesla coil-ish thingy

Hello all! it's been a while since I've posted stuff, so here goes; I've made this thing last July, I think it was the last week of July, just the week of our exams...and instead of studying, I made this :P it's not really a Tesla coil because it's too small enough to have those resonance and stuff, but it functions well like a Tesla coil...unfortunately, it only gives small arcs, probably because of the secondary coil, which was wounded 500 times, the primary has 5 wounds...anyway, it follows the traditional circuit for a Tesla coil as well, only changing the power source for a bug zapper raquette , anyway, I've figured out that adding more capacitors releases bigger arcs but it gives a slower discharge, here are the pics:

the secondary coil, plywood base, pvc coil: (yes, I used a kitchen knife as a saw :P )

added the main power source, primary coil, and spark gap:


added the bottom end of a coke can as the toroid(ok, not really a toroid in shape)


some other pics:




cheers! -⁰ℨ



Nice project. I like it a lot.

Sounds like spark fun :slight_smile:

Sounds like spark fun :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!