Terms and Conditions - V2

Dear LMR Friends and Family:

Yesterday we sent our new (first!) terms and conditions (T&Cs) for the LMR website (outside of the Marketplace, which was already governed by T&Cs) to all LMR members.

We’ve received mixed feedback. While most of you recognize the need to put T&Cs in place (when RobotShop recently purchased the site these were not in place), some feel that some of the conditions are a little heavy. Others have misinterpreted the scope of the T&Cs and RobotShop’s intent. 

The template used for the T&Cs are the T&Cs that were already put online by the previous owner for the Marketplace segment of the LMR site. The template was very generic (not always relevant and sometimes outright contradictory with the purpose of the LMR site) and we adapted it to suit the forum segment of the LMR site. However, we recognize that we may have missed the mark on a few points and we apologize for any confusion. Please also note that the T&Cs for the Marketplace will also be completely revised shortly.

This being said, we appreciate every member’s comments as those comments are useful to help us improve the T&Cs by further removing superfluous elements and by clarifying certain terms that may have been misunderstood. The T&Cs have been revised, are now posted on the site and can be found here.

This being said, we wish to address what we think are the most relevant or recurrent comments posted by some members regarding the T&Cs.

It is not RobotShop’s intent to acquire the ownership of member materials, claim it as its own or use it as promotional purpose without giving proper credit to the owner. The content you create is clearly yours and our mission to help you share it efficiently within the robot enthusiast community. RobotShop merely wants to ensure that it has all the necessary authorizations to adapt, if necessary, and manage the member materials to make them accessible and/or suitable for viewing. Some members feel that granting a “perpetual” license may be asking a little too much, and we understand their point. We have therefore revised the T&Cs to deal more openly with requests to remove materials from the LMR site.

Another concern raised by members is the possibility for LMR to modify member materials. The purpose of this is to allow LMR to modify content that is not necessarily in line with the T&Cs or proper netiquette; it was never our intent to modify the substance of the user content. For example, very relevant content may otherwise contain some profane language and we want to have the liberty of removing the profane language rather than having to remove the entire content, which would result in a loss to the community.

Finally, a few comments pertain to the use by members of LMR’s intellectual property. This has also been clarified such as to clearly allow the use of LMR’s logo by members in certain conditions.

Once again, we thank all of those who helped us by commenting on the T&Cs and we look forward to hearing for all members of this wonderful community.

T&C break the rules


Anyway: thanks for clearing things up. Do i get to accept the V2 version of the rules or is that somehow implied?

Legal age

In the US the legal age to sign contracts is 18 and in some Canadian provinces it is 19.  Is it your intent for 13-xx years old to require parental permission to joint LMR? What about existing members?


**OK, I can live with that - I’ve ticked the box. **

OK, I can live with that - I’ve ticked the box. 

I’ve been looking at the T&Cs of a couple of comparable sites - Instructables (Autodesk) and Thingiverse (Makerbot) - and both contain very similar wording in terms of use of material.  Thingiverse goes an extra step and gives an explanation in English, rather than legalese.

What I would like to see is for LMR to adopt the Creative Commons licensing system so any project published clearly shows the rights and limitations imposed on others if they make use of it.  Both the sites mentioned above have this in place.

Of course those rights are not always respected, but one case on LMR comes easily to mind and I think there have been others where the clear statement of a licence at publication may have made a difference when copies of the work appeared for commercial gain.

Good question

We’ve received a few questions on the legal age to conclude contracts. That’s a very delicate question and there is not necessarily a specific age for a person to be able to conclude a contract. For example, a 12 year old kid buying a pack of bubble gum at a convenience store very likely concludes a valid contract of sale pretty much anywhere in the world. But could he buy a house? We have members from all over the world and laws for contractual consent varies greatly from country to country, state to state, province to province, etc. We simply can’t make all those verifications so we must trust that our members take it upon themselves to act legally. We nevertheless put 13 as a minimum age to become an independent LMR members because we think there are very bright teens who can contribute positively to the site. 

Legal age

I completely agree. It is just a suggestion or guideline stating your expectations. Remove to “Legal” wordage.

Seems hypocritical indeed

Seems hypocritical indeed. Well, it appears that certain types of liability exclusion clauses need to be in caps in certain jurisdictions in order to be valid. Yes, we also think that’s a little silly, but if you come across pretty much any other type of contract containing such clauses, you’ll notice they are generally always in caps.

As for the new terms and conditions, these do not need to be accepted again since they have not been changed. They were simply rephrased and certain precision’s added for our members.

Accepting the terms and conditions

It appears that you do not have a valid email in order to participate in the LMR community. Your have accepted the terms but, mentioned in your comments that you were not comfortable with these terms. It was therefore assumed that you did not want to be part of the LMR community. We were unfortunately unable to communicate with you with your jetable email address. If you have any questions concerning our terms please contact the LMR team and we will be glad to help. Members accepting the terms generally agree to them and we do appreciate that members provide constructive criticism. 

Creative Commons Idea

That’s actually a very interesting concept and we’re curious about getting everyone’s feedback here: