Tennis ball lift help

I am wanting to build a “tennis ball lift” for my home tennis court. There is a youtube video ( “Screw on Chain Lift for Golf Balls” ) that may be a system that I was thinking may be copied to lift tennis balls. I tried to contact the guy that posted it but to no avail. I need advice mainly on accessing the parts: motor, sprockets, chains, linkages, etc. The idea is to gravity feed the balls via ramps, which I have already setup on my court, to a lifter that will raise the balls and feed them to a chute(PVC pipe) that returns them to the ball machine . Thus a semi-perpetual ball machine feeder for practice.

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Hi @jlo0888 !

This is a really interesting video: Screw on Chain Lift for Golf Balls - YouTube

I think you could assume dimensions of the parts by the size of the ball used.

Not many different parts were used in this project. There are two big sprockets, with big chain with ball holders and one motor running these. Also, I think the creator used the small sprocket to tighten the chain a little bit.

You could try and make a mock-up with some old bicycle parts. Hope this helps.

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