Technical advisor for the design of a target tracking pan tilt robot

Hello, as part of a project I want to create a robot that can rotate on a pan/tilt in order to follow an object.

I own a 3D printer and I’m good at part design but I need help selecting my parts.

  • My first point would be to know which actuator should I use for this system. My only necessary payload is limited to a light pointer of a few grams

  • My second point would be to know which development platform I am best to use to perform image processing and control my engine. I want to follow targets which will be at the first plant with a very elongated font at the back

-My third point is to know which sensor I should use to carry out this detection and transfer the information to my development platform.

**In addition, I would be interested if you have a library that you can advise me on for the realization of this project.

thank you in advance for your response