Swedish National Robotics Championships 2011



I thought I'd just inform you of the swedish national championship in robotics. There will be sumo, minisumo and a penthatlon. It will be held at the 9th of april in Gothenburg.

I'm going to participate in the penthatlon with the robot I'm building right now, I haven't posted any pictures of it yet, they'll later today. 

The penthatlon is made up of five parts(duh); maze solving, line following, terrain track, collecting cans and "show off". 

Any fellow LMRers(?) from sweden perhaps would like to meet up and share ideas?

The URL to the event is http://robotsm.se. The site is in swedish unfortunately, but you can look at pictures of the past events at http://robotsm.se/gallery/ .

The video included is a commercial for Robot SM 2010 that I found on youtube.

Make sure to sign up my fellow swedes! I want some competition :D