Super Servo with Wiper Motor, ESC, v-tail mixer and Servo Tester, no soldering!

Power! In the realm of the radio control hobby, there is an unfulfilled dream, to make a powerful, inexpensive and simple servo amplifier. We want to make big projects, like an r/c mower, or really big off road robot. There are electric motors with gearboxes out there, like windshield wiper motors, but how can we use them to steer our project? There are electronic kits you can buy, but in my opinion, they are too expensive. In this house, we build what we want if possible. I'm not building a specific vehicle, just demonstrating how the electronic components go together so you can use this concept on your high power servo application.

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 Yea, it’s not all that precise and centering is not all that great, but this is a concept I haven’t seen anywhere yet.

Maybe I’m the first! As it is, this would be good for large prop replica r/c robot stuff. I would like to adapt a big tricycle and

put a stuffed monkey riding it, super servo steering.

Looks good !Maybe with a

Looks good !

Maybe with a precise potentiometer you’ll got better precision.

Wow. NICE!I like the idea of

Wow. NICE!
I like the idea of using second hand wiper motors as servos. ^^