Suggestions on choosing motor


Im considering on buying the following motor for my project.

Quick specs : 12V, 150 RPM, 195 oz-in torque, 67:1 ratio

This may be not the best for a small robot that i plan to build initially, considering the excess torque generated; However, i do plan to come up with a mobile platform for mounting a laptop (perhaps for telepresence) and i reckon these may prove to be useful then. I did a rough calculation based on such a load (about 3kg/6pounds) from using 4 such motors and it works out well.

Suggestion/comments please on this. Also, if i need to connect this to the arduino mega, how would i do it and what would work out best (ie motor shield etc)?

Thanks very much

Looks like the Dual MC33887
Looks like the Dual MC33887 Motor driver carrier is what should be used on these motors. I do not know of a Arduino shield that has drivers capable of a 5 A stall at 12 volts. The MC33887 fits well to cover that.

Hmm…okies…many thanks for
Hmm…okies…many thanks for the info robologist. will look into it.