Suggestions for TheBox


Lately, I've been creating computer vision applications for my robot TheBox

I've created a color tracker, a motion detector and a wall avoider application.

But now I ran out of ideas. 


So, can you give me some cool ideas to make other applications? :)

Well, let’s see your code first.

I would love to get a look at your code and what libraries you are using.

In terms of ideas, I would go with facial recognition --It would be nice to have your robot recognize people, or specifically you.

The code is attached to the robot page

The code is attached to the robot page

I’m using JMyron for the computer vision thing and controlIP5 to the adjustment sliders on the ColorTracker and the WallAvoider applications. 

 On the MotionDetector I just use the original video library and the tts.


That is next thing I’ll try.