Stuff to do

Stuff to do..

Think I've finally figured out Jaimies Spider Tank walking mechanism, pretty cool. You have to picture the legs with your head tilted sideways at a 45 degree angle, while scratching your head and rubbing your stomach. I wonder if this is how Jaimie figured out the walking mechanism to start with. Think I'd like to build a small model with some hobby plastic bits to verify thoughts. May get a few model airplane hinges to build with, or just make some small hinge joints some way.

Have a model I'd thought to enter to the video contest, but let that pass. Still might be a cute bot if it works, a hoppy kind that could be strange. Made of wood and paper and servos and batteries and an Arduino, plus a little flash.

And bits of mech stuff sitting here, waiting for servos.

And the cool toys waiting at Dagu to buy. I wanna arm and some solar cells and some sensor brackets and .. Too many toys, too little cash/time/???

Outdoor bot rebuild? Before it's even been tried? Well, maybe at least run it some, before redoing it, see what it does. Just think I shoulda went with skid steer instead of differential trike. We'll see.

Til next time, same bot channel.

I’m rather desperate for a good write-up on how the Jamie-spider functions. Do you wanna make a few diagrams to explain it?

I want to verify my thoughts

I want to verify my thoughts in a working model, but here they are.

All legs are each parallelogram links, but with different anchor points. Try thinking of one set of (3) legs attached directly to the up-down center post with their upper link. Then think of the other set of legs attached with their lower link, through to the other side of the bot. The first set move the legs down as the drive post goes up, the other set moves up with the post going up. The lower set actually has to go beside the post and snake around a bit while attached, to not interfere with the other 2 legs of that group. Now there are other details like double hinged anchor points to allow for the side stepping motion while the vertical motion is going on, and some joints tending to be u-joint like, where ball joints probably would not work, but those are just minor details to work out. Hopefully the diagram gets across the general idea. Green arrow showing the center post going down, one leg on one side going up, other leg going down. Same with red arrow, except opposite. Think Jamie made a pretty cool design.