Stereoscopic vision help

Hi, I am willing to built a stereoscopic navigation system (which will have 2 paralel webcams to capture images every X second and compare images with each other to find depth)  just for fun and coding challenge(more challenge actually) but i have no idea how to do that, i am searching and reading sources with all kind. however since i have no idea where to start more i read it makes me feel more confused and i cannot find a complete guide to follow. I think first of all i should calibrate webcams but i am not sure as i said before so i need someone to guide me or atleast tell me a to do list step by step if posible. ohh and i am planning to write my code with java since i have litle experience with other languages :)




Take a look at some of these

Take a look at some of these LMR pages, they should get you started.