Stepper motor. Right amount of torque?

Hi, I recently bought this stepper motor:

I but this stepper motor driver as well:

I have a track that I was planning on turning with the stepper listed above. Unfortunately when I hooked it up to test it would make a loud noise but no turn. I wanted to know if that was the sound of the stepper missing steps or another problem. Also, do you think it has enough torque for this task?

I am using a 12v 4.5A power supply.


Hey @spiderpro, could you relink your driver? I just end up in the search section.

It is possible that your motor does not have enough torque. What are you trying to move with it?

So after taking the motors out it still does not work. The motors just pulsate. like they pulse but no rotation. The driver that I am using are

I am using a 12v 4.5A power supply. Thanks for the help.

The problem

Hey @spiderpro, it is not working because you are trying to drive a stepper motor with a regular brushed dc motor controller.

You need a stepper motor driver for it to work. This should work just fine:

You will need to limit the current to each phase. Use the following video to adjust it

Hi do you have any example code to use with this driver. I am using the Arduino uno

Hey SpiderPro,

You may find all what you’re looking for here:

Keep in mind that Arduino is an open source platform and you can easily find practically anything online.

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hi, I previously ordered these drivers. Will these work with the stepper:

I couldn’t say if it will work since there is so few information concerning the stepper driver…

Chip: easystepper
Power Supply Range: 7V to 30V
Size of the Stepper Motor Driver: 1.89× 0.79× 0.35inches
Weight of the Stepper Motor Driver: 0.14oz
Compatibility: 4, 6 and 8 wire stepper motors of any voltage

Doesn’t really tell me if the driver is strong enough to handle the torque of the motor.

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does this help:

using the link I provided will that driver work?

The driver seems to be good to drive 150mA to 700mA stepper motors.
The RB-Phi-210 is rated at 1.7A

I’m not sure if this will even work and if it works, you won’t be able to drive the stepper with full power.

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