Stepper motor operated robot arm

This robot arm is based on an IRB series of ABB robot arms. Its operated by stepper motors via an atmega32 that is connected to a PC via USB serial. I uses some clever counter-balancing.

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@rue_mohr Welcome back to the Community! Certainly add more photos and description to the post. A video or two would be amazing.

Awesome, something i’ve been looking into doing, as buying an Arm for my robot is so pricey.

Hi, I’m slow working out the site, I have a few more robots I’d like to post. Not certain I know how to put videos up yet…
Here is an older video from youtube!

I have a lot more recent work for arms I build using hobby servos, their much faster :]
I will be posting more content later!

For a project from 13 years ago… that’s really well done !