Stepper Motor Driver for Arduino for 9A gearmotor

I need to find a driver for 2 of this gearmotor:

The page lists it at 9 Amps…which is significantly higher than any of the drivers I see on the robotshop website (they all seem to top out around 3A).

I need precision positional control over two of these motors (or other with similar torque and speed), all to be programmed from an Arduino. What am I missing?..why are the amperages not aligning? Thanks!

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Hi @wfair and welcome to our forum.

If you don’t want to use encoders, you could use this driver for two motors: Dual DC Driver for RC in Mixed Mode, ESC DC, Motor Controller, Speed Control, 8-40V, 20A - RobotShop

If you want to use encoders, maybe this driver is suitable: Motor Arduino Shield, Motor Controller, Servo Driver, Close Loop, Open Loop, 40VDC, 10A, 200W - RobotShop. It is in form of Arduino shield, but yes, controlling only one motor.

Thank you.