Steampunk Bob the Biped

Dear: LMR

You should know I am a big fan of Bob. Ever since I saw that video with Bob the biped I fell in love. To a degree I decided to build my own bob. I thought about it over and over again what I want to change about my Bob and then I noticed something on the internet. Bob looks really lame, no offense to Bob fans. That is when I wanted to make a robotic Bob that only is ment to look cool. So I then decided if I am going to build my own Bob it is going to be steampunk because of all the facinating Sci-Fi drawings I saw of robots off the internet.

This robot is not going to do many things other than scaring the heck out of people. I really just want it to be remote control with my x-box remote and it is going to be arduino based. It is also going to be made out of parts from my recycle bin only because I don't own a 3d printer. It is going to everything Bob does except be remote controlled and look very !@#$ cool.

Any questions please ask me. All I have done so far is have an idea and I haven't started the mechanical. If you don't like my idea please respond and maybe I won't do it if you don't like it. Enjoy!!! :) 

From: Noah


This is my theory of my totally awesome project. Enjoy!!! :)

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