Star Wars BB-8 Droid (V2)

Version 2 works much better! ...Now to just add a nice paint job. The Sphereo version uses wheels to roll within the shell, but I have chosen a different method of control. The robot has a pendulum hanging inside of the sphere which stays upright, and the sphere rotates around this. The pendulum can spin and swing left and right for turning.

I’ve included an explanation video of how the BB-8 Droid works, and a video covering my progress in the first 24 hours of the project. I’ve now moved onto version 2, which I hope will be more durable. I’m hoping to have that version done within a week or two.

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That’s a really neat idea!
That’s a really neat idea! Nice use of coins to act as a weight. Have you looked at using lead or steel?

Very well done!

When the first images of BB-8 came out I envisioned a combination of this pendulum mechanism and the ‘sphero’ type version to allow the head to move more independently without falling off. Basically the pendulum (probably completely the wrong term for my proposed usage) just offsets the CoG so the head can move without the body rolling. Alas, I haven’t the drive to try such things myself lately. Someday perhaps.

Looking forward to more videos!

Hoping to see it rolling along. If you created more customized versions of the BB-8 and took videos, I’m certain people would take notice (a BB-8 which looked based on R2D2, or a BB-8 with arms, or one “head” on either side etc - sort of like different models from the same droid manufacturer).


It’s a great build.

I’m looking forward to see your mk2.


you mean like…

You mean like… A Combat Robot version with a weapon?  This design means that unlike the Sphero version I can mount crazy things to the side.   It comes in well under 3lbs, I have weight to work with :stuck_out_tongue:

BB-8 Variants

Not necessarily weaponized, just different designs which would look like they came from the same droid company in the star wars universe. Two turrets on the side would look like the real “Guardbot”. Just some ideas, and well done again!