Stackable SN754410 Motor Driver Boards, 1 Amp per board, 2 Motors per Stack


This board is what everyone needs! It can operate as a single Motor Controller, Or Stack them for increased power! You can stack as many boards as you want on top of each other, and the headers simply connect to each other. Requires 6 Lines (or 4 if you tie the Enable lines high) for control over all sides of the H bridge. This allows High side and Low Side Braking, as well as coast. Every stack of drivers controls 2 motors, and for more amperage just stack the boards on top of each other. Every board can handle one amp independently, and has adequate traces for that power. Since the amperage will be flowing through the doubled up headers, It Should be able to handle up to 12 amps (if every pin header is rated at 3 amps). This means you can control very beefy motors with your surplus 1A SN754410's! This board is available for sale now, shoot me a PM and you will recieve a quote for the price of the board. I plan to have a stock of these available soon, and I hope to have them ready within a couple weeks!

This is a great idea

This is a great idea Krumlink but as usual I have some questions about the trace width. Have you done any calculations on this. 4A is quite a lot of current running through those thin traces.