Ssc32u board not working properly

I have the SSC - 32U board the VL terminals when connecting a 6v source works the board all lights are
on but connecting the 6V source to the boards VS terminals will not work. so how connecting a servo to it I get power to the servo a little servo movement connecting it to the computer I get usb signal but still nothing even lynx term does not see the board I do not want to use the VL terminals because not required for the that when connecting the hexapod need help I am sitting here thinking of either the firmware is corrupt or could it be that the 6V source is only 4 AA batteries witch is not enough power .
where could I reinstall a good firmware for the SSC-32u board and how could I do that.

Hi dandigregotio,

The SSC-32U feature two input for power.

VL: To power the board Logic side (microcontroller)
VS1 / VS2: To power the servo rails

Sometimes those two power source require to be separated cause the servos are working from 5-6V and the logic can handle 12V with their regulator.

A jumper on board let you bridge VS and VL to use only one power source.
In your situation you should connect your power source to VL and put the jumper (VS VL) on.

Let us know how it went.


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