Ssc32 Query Movement Status not working

hi , im trying to use the Query Movement Status command with Arduino mega and ssc32, the old one with serial port .

notice that im using 2 serials, Serial and Serial1, the ssc32 its connected to Serial1, ground of ssc32 to arduinos ground.
the code is:

char reading;
void setup() {

void loop() {
Serial1.println("#14 p2000 t2000");

if (Serial1.available() > 0) {

reading =;
 Serial.print("received: ");

when I see the serial the only result is ++++++++++++++++ even a minute or more later, I never see the “.”

theres something wrong on my code ? or something wrong with my hardware? its a servo problem? im using the towerPro SG90 servos.

Hi Z3NN,

It seems like you are continuously sending the position in the same loop, it will never reach its position that way.
You may want to try to place your movement in the “Setup” so it process it only once.

All the best,

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yep, thats the reason , thanks!!!.

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Perfect - Have a great day