SSC-32U TTL port is not working properly

Hi, I seem to be having a problem with the ssc-32u and its ttl port. What I am trying to do is control the servo controller via serial with a RAPU unit from Brookshire Software. And the problem is that the RAPU unit only outputs via serial port and ssc-32u doesnt have a serial port except for the ttl port which in theory should work. What happens is when I connect it and start playing the program the Baud rate (activity) leds start flashing, which means it is receiving a pulse but there does not seem to be any movement in the servo. There other thing I noticed was that the red and green activity leds were flashing. And from what i understand only the green led should flash because if the red led flashes that means that it has received a broken byte. I can also assure you that the baud rates match (38400) and are compatible with both the RAPU and the SSC-32u. I would also like to point out that servo controller will work perfectly when it is plugged in via usb.


What baud rate is your SSC-32U set at currently? You can check this by pressing the baud rate button and comparing the result with the details in the SSC-32U manual (bottom of page 37).

Please provide us with one or more pictures clearly showing all connections to & from the RAPU and the SSC-32U including all jumpers on the board.


[font=arial, sans-serif][highlight=#ffffff] Picture[/highlight][/font]
[font=arial, sans-serif][highlight=#ffffff]I am using 9600bps baud rate (green led only). I also saved the vsa file in the RAPU unit as using 9600bps baud rate. All the jumpers are on except for the vs-vl jumper. [/highlight][/font]

You seem to be using the serial RS-232 DB9 port. This port is quite probably using a +12 V/-12 V connection and not a serial TTL 5 V connection.
We recommend that you instead try port with #14, which should be a TTL-compatible serial interface.

Here is an image from the manufacturer describing all the ports:
(1) Control serial port, (2) Device serial port, (3) Audio RCA jacks, (4) LCD screen, (5) DMX output port, (6) Power connector, (7) Infrared receiver
8) USB port, (9) SD/SDHC slot, (10) Next key, (11) Enter key, (12) +VOL key, (13) -VOL key, (14) TTL port


That was it!!! I can’t believe I missed that. Thank you so much for your help. I very much appreciate it.

We are glad to learn this corrected the problem. You are very lucky as in most cases the 12 V / - 12 V DC should fry most TTL interfaces.


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