SSC-32U not responding

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to this Forum and I haven’t used this servo board before and I’ve been looking for a solution:

My Setup:
Windows 11 laptop
FDTI Driver
SSC-32U board powered by 5v 2amp power adapter and laptop USB.
power is connected to VS1, Blue Led lights up.
Jumpers are on VS2 and VS1. No jumper on VS = VL.
Trying to connect to SSC-32 servo sequencer on COM3 @ 9600 baud.
9600 is confirmed on both sequencer and in device manager

I’ve read the manual. I’m thinking there is an issue with the Driver but no luck confirming required driver as I think I have the newest version and I don’t know if I can install older drivers or where to find them.

Please help. THANKS

Hi Jim596,

Since you opened a community post we will continue here.

If you see the LED’s blinking that means there is a communication and something is happening.

  • Are you able to verify if you have 5V on the positive and negative of the VS1 servo rail ?
  • Also, can you confirm the servos are working on something else like an RC receiver ?

Another thing to try would be using the old LynxTerm software.
This one require you to set the COM and Baudrate manually but should work.

Let us know,

This may not be limited to just the FDTI drivers in Windows.
Long before data reaches the FDTI driver interface, there are a host of other drivers that the data must pass thru. These include USB Port Drivers and such.

Windows Update functions do not check every single driver installed when it runs. It only references things that MS has manifested on their servers that drive Windows Update. Many times there are newer drivers that correct things from the device manufacture that have not been submitted to Microsoft and pass their strict rules regarding drivers. So Windows Update is unaware of a later version and thinks the one installed is the best one.

To get around this internal MS issue, go to and download the free version of DriverBooster application. This application will scan every driver on your box and compare it against a manifest of drivers. If your box has an older driver, it will then bring down the latest version and install it automatically, after confirming with you first. In most every case of the very first scan, it will find and locate updated drivers that MS does not have yet.

It is the recommended scan engine for drivers that is recommended to all Acigan clients since its database of drivers is constantly updated by iobit. There is a free version and a Pro version. Both versions perform driver scans and the difference is that the Pro version offers a user more automation capabilities under the covers. The free version you perform the scans manually.

Try that and see if there is a driver on the USB pathways to the FDTI that needs to be updated.

Hope this helps!
Acigan International