SSC-32U not connecting with sequencer


I just bought a SSC-32U board and it will nog connect with the servo sequencer?
put the power supply on the VS 1 but the sequencer cant find the board, what i am doing rong here?
i have the older SSC-32 board and that one will connect with no problems.


the Sequencer Utility software briefly connects to the board (via COM4) but then in a moment says “Please recycle the power and try again.” and drops the connection. This happend 3 times. anybody knowe what to do?

@Falcodevries Welcome to the RobotShop Community. To confirm, on the SSC-32U you don’t need to power VL separately if you’re using normal RC servo voltages. The SSC-32U ships with a default baud rate of 9600, though the default in the sequencer is 115200 (just change it manually at the bottom left of the window). If connection is not automatic, manually select the appropriate COM port from the drop down. If the computer has not detected it properly, then it’s a question of installing the right VCP drivers:

If this doesn’t work, then please send a few clear photos of your setup, and verify that your computer has detected the board properly under Device Manager (assuming Windows OS)

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Thanks for the fast respons.
i set the boud rate to 9600 and it works:)

Thanks again