SSC-32U Firmware has been deleted

I accidentally deleted the firmware of SSC-32U and I do not know how to fix it right now. I can not find any related file about firmware for 32U version. Can anyone help me with this issue? I can not afford a brand new one right now.

Thanks, Sincerely Can Bartu.

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{Correction below}

Hmm, first time hearing a customer has done that. See the guide page 35+:

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Hi :sweat_smile:

this program is only updating so it doesn’t work

Just confirmed with a colleague, that procedure was for the (older) SSC-32. The firmware for the SSC-32U is unfortunately not open (proprietary).

Can you indicate how you think you deleted the firmware? What are the symptoms?

We can look into providing you with a discount if you purchase a replacement.

As a result of my stupid confusion, when I was trying to install boardburdinio, I plugged it into SSc32u to install the software and started the installation, I think it was deleted at that time.

What are the symptoms? Normally the main chip would not even react to the Arduino IDE. Is it possible it’s still functional, and perhaps set to a different baud rate (via the button)? Try to use it with the SSC-32 Sequencer Software, ensuring you have the right baud rate, and that it’s powered correctly, and you have a servo connected. If you are at all uncertain with any of this, send us a few clear photos here and we’ll take a look to verify.

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Yes, I think it has not been deleted, but I made it with 4 legs. Is there a way to turn it? Unfortunately, I am missing 2 legs because I bought the feet in the past. Even if the bluetooth connection does not work, the controller does not work, the movement works by itself, I have centralized the legs servos, I am sure of it.

Your original post was about the firmware on the SSC-32U, and nothing about a robot. When you write " but I made it with 4 legs. Is there a way to turn it?", what are you referring to and how does it relate to the SSC-32U?

If your issue now relates to making a legged robot walk using the SSC-32U, you’ll need to provide a LOT more information. Note that the SSC-32U is a dedicated RC servo controller - it needs to be send commands from an external device like a microcontroller which is programmed with the walking routine. You indicate " he controller does not work"; the external microcontroller needs to be connected to this and programmed for it. You cannot simply remove two legs from a hexapod robot and expect it to walk normally - the code needs to be updated.

As before, send us a few clear photos here and we’ll take a look to verify.

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I’m a JS developer. I tried changing it, but removing the feet from the software and control does not seem easy at all because you have to replace all the values. Well, I’m going to send a photo this week, now that I’m missing a leg, I made 2 legs from CNC according to their scales. Will I have problems with the weights I’ll try with them? They weigh a little more than your feet, about 5-6 grams.

The photos will help a lot. Normally if the robots are from Lynxmotion, replacement parts are normally available and not too expensive. 5-6g difference should not have an impact on walking.

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ok i will send thank u

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