SSC-32 Servo Controller board power supply

SSC-32 Servo Controller board : I need to know how I can power this board to run my servo’s for my skeleton show. Thinking a small transformer? Along with that can the servos run of the same supply from this board?

Hi @dcbstick welcome to the RobotShop Community. The SSC-32U is meant to be powered using one or both screw terminals. Most RC servos operate at a nominal 6V, so it’s just a question of the maximum current needed.

For use with a 6V battery which has a Tamiya style connector:


If you want to connect it to a wall:


If they’re all 4.8V to 6V standard hobby servos, and the total current demand is below what the power supply can provide, then yes, you can run the servos at the same time.

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