Sprockets for lynxmotion rubber track

I am working on a track system with Lynxmotion rubber track 80mm and 1m perimeter. It is perfect for my small RC tank to operate on rough terrains. And it has to be very durable, so this rubber track is better than the modular plastic one. I found this close loop rubber track on RobotShop website, but Lynxmotion does not have a tutorial on how to use this rubber track. Is there any 3’’ diameter sprockets with 20 mm pitch for this particular track? Thank you

@lukekong Welcome to the RobotShop Commnuity. Lynxmotion will soon be releasing a ~7.5" diameter injection-molded sprocket for this track, but do not have any current plans to release additional diameters. The track + sprocket is used on the upcoming A4WD3, specifically the tracked version:

Not sure the track would bend well around a 3" sprocket unless it’s only partially bent around the circumference (the track is quick thick). You may want to consider 3D printing your own sprocket which should not be too expensive (our prototypes of the sprockets were 3D printed and none have failed).

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