Spec'ing motor for wheeled robot

I’ve been looking around at some of the other posts and also used the calculator to find my general specs. I figured someone with more experience could basically flat out tell me what I need just by looking at some details about my project.
So when I first started thinking about building a 4 wheeled robot, I went ahead and bought 4 stepper motors that are here. After mechanically designing the robot (backwards process I know), and building the bot, it weighs roughly 30 lbs with the 2 - 12V batteries. I have them connected in series to power a different 24V device on board just FYI. I’m using an Arduino with CNC hat that also uses 24V supply to power the 4 steppers. The application is very low speed (0.5 ft/s) and more about positional accuracy than anything. I haven’t wired everything up yet but based on the specs of the steppers listed will they be strong enough? I assume not due to the results I got from the calculator site were 85 Ncm per motor… I tried looking around on this site for DC motors but there are so many and I want to be sure to get something that will work if the stepper’s won’t.

Hello @PlasticBlaze,

Could you share all the specs you used to get that result? As there are some specs you didn’t mention such as the wheel size and the max incline.

Using these specs I got 1.86 Nm

If you are looking for a DC motor you can try checking the DC motors comparison list as it is easier to compare specs there

However if precision is an important aspect for your project a better option could be using a servo motor (if you are not able to find a suitable stepper).