hi all,<o:p></o:p>I’m new to this forum. And I am making a new robot that will have a “go to home” functionality… where it will find the closest way to a specific point (home in our case)<o:p></o:p>Here’s the idea:<o:p></o:p>I am thinking of putting an ultra sonic sender at the base (home) and the robot itself will have the receiver were it will rotate till it find the signal from home, once the robot saw the signal it will stop rotating and head directly to the signal sender (home). and I’m planning that the distance between the robot and “home” is from 3-8 meters.<o:p></o:p>The questions:<o:p></o:p>1. I’m not used to the ultrasonic sensors… will this idea work? if not what other sensors can i use? <o:p></o:p>I don’t want a proximity sensor …i need this system to tell me whether the robot is on the right direction or not. on other words I need it to send 1 to the pic once it faces the direction of the home(once facing the wave sender).<o:p></o:p>2. any schematics or websites/links that can help me in implementing my idea will be appreciated!<o:p></o:p>thank you for reading <o:p></o:p>regards <o:p></o:p>Mohamed <o:p></o:p>

home base…

A lot of people have been working on this. I am doing a similar project for navigation. I have a system using 2 IR “beacons” in the corners and an IR reciever on a servo on the robot. The receiver can scan and find each beacon the robot can then center himself and then know he is at a “fixed point”. From there it is pretty simple to get to home base. My set-up is solid, and my first tests were a success --I am in the process of cleaning up the code and seeing if I can speed up the process. – here is a link to what I have done.

hey Chris …Thanks for
hey Chris …Thanks for replying … Great robot/idea u have !:)<o:p></o:p>

my problem is that i need a schematic or a resource to tell me how i can implement a ping/ultrasonic sensor … With the transmitter away from the receiver (in two separate circuits).


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I wonder if you seperate the

I wonder if you seperate the sender from the reciever without any way to communicate between the 2 you wouldnt know if the sender is directly in front of the robot or if the sound wave has bounced off a wall first. Echos off walls could give misleading readings. With an IR beam though, you can keep the power at a level where the beam isnt long enough to reflect off a wall.</p><p>You could always get one of those DAGU diy sonar kits. From the schematic it looks like you could easily seperate the 2 halves and do some experiment. Dont forget to tell us what happens :slight_smile: