Some Questions, Hopeful not that stupid ;)

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I've always wanted to make robots, I read the first robot tutorial both editions. I read a lot of tutorials from DIY and I have so many questions! I cant wait to have enougth money to buy the starter pack from the tutorial to be able to start! years im waiting for this!


-is it possible to take the robot from the first robot tutorial and make him responding to sounds? lets say i say "stop" and he wont move until is say "go".

-is it possible to make him recognize stuff? objects? lets serching for trash or toys around the house.

-lets make it even more complicated please, is it possible, to make the robot to go to a spsific room in the house. in other words is it possible for me to program the robot to know where he is now, and find hes way to a room that I put the cordinates for? 've programmed for a few years now i know how to do that in C++ and ActionScript 3 (flash script).

-All I asked above are possible in PICAXE and AUDRIO? what is the diffrence between PICAXE and AUDRIO? are there more advanced systems then those?


Btw just a theoratical question, how can i make a heli-robot? i just take some scrap metal and put a servo on it and it would fly? ;)


I recommend beam robots and
I recommend beam robots and arduino

To most of it, yes

If you want the robot to repond to verbal commands, you will need an external VR board. These are available and most can be connected to a picaxe or arduino. You can also use a mobile phone (such as an Android) that will do the voice recognition and then send a “command” to the robot via bluetooth.

You can’t really find “trash”, but in controlled conditions, your robot can find “edges”. A robot finds an “edge” when its sonar readings change a lot. If you are seeing infinity, infinity, infinity, infinity, something close, then you know where the object (the something close) started. Repeat the sweep from the other side and you can find the other edge. One could assume there is an object between these 2 edges.

Specific places in the house can be a very complicated thing. Yes, it can be done but without wheel encoders on most beginner robots, it is going to be tough. There are however, different ways of doing it with IR beacons etc. 

If you are really interested in doing these things in the future, I would go with Arduino.

The “can I just put a servo on some metal and it will fly” question.  --really? No.

thank you for responding!

thank you for responding! you recommending me beam robots and arduino because they can do what Im tring to do or on some other basis?

Chris thank you! Is Arduino

Chris thank you! Is Arduino is too much to bare for begginer should I start with PICAXE?

Beam robots…

No, beam robots will do nothing of what you want to do and has nothing to do with anything you asked.

I personally started with picaxe, and it is a very easy system/language to pick up but if you are looking seriously into any of these plans, I would start with an arduino. Picaxe chips get pretty limited pretty quick. --They have a limited number of variables, the cannot do negitive numbers, they do not use “libraries” and thus, you have to write all your code from scratch. Yes, the arduino is going to have a bigger learning curve at the beginning but I would say you get it all back in spades when you get to more complicated stuff. 

Now, in terms of robots --Just to throw it out there, my Medium Tank is one gosh-darn-good platform that you may want to consider.

I dont fear complications, I

I dont fear complications, I would start from Arduin, The medium tank tutorial you gave me looks like a good start!:) 

Thank you very much Chris! you helped me a lot!!

I think you’re better off

I think you’re better off with Arduino or a similar platform based on an ARM microcontroller (fez panda or netduino, whatever you feel more confident programming) since you’ll be using trig functions to determine the robot’s position. Besides, thare are a ton of examples you can find for Arduino. Like Chris said, objects can be found by scanning with a horrisontal sensor, best to use a WiiDAR but a Sharp range sensor is good enough for start. You also need a way for the robot to determine the room hi’s into, landmarks (bar code, RFID, etc) can be used or even do a line following to the specific place you need the robot to go to. Get wheels encoders, without them your robot will be lost fast. You can also use a WiiCam that Chris sells to find some beacons placed in certain points in your rooms to triangulate the robot’s position. Many things are possible, choose what ever fits your bill and purpose. Reaserch, study and ask questions where you are not clear about something. Good luck with your project and keep us posted!


Ro-Bot-X!! Wow so many things I didnt understand! That good because now I know what I should learn to achive my goal, I’ll reserch those things to better understand your sugesstions. thank you man!

You guys are the best! never imagine myself getting this much help and support:)