(SOLVED) 3d printer extruder not extruding enough?

Dear: LMR

Hello guys just to let you know I have been running into an extruding problem. It is definetly not a clogged nozzle or extruder because I have more than checked for both. You see the 3d printer is not extruding enough. I have to put force on the filament down the extruder to get filament moving.

The possible problems are numerous. You should know that I bought a new hotend for my 3d printer. The 3d printer hotend ran into a problem and the resistor came loose. That probably would be a fire hazard if I didn't buy a new hotend.

Also I bought a new spring for the extruder. The last one broke. I didn't buy the same brand of spring that came with the extruder instead I bought the best brand of a spring that I could buy for the extruder. I think this spring is the equivelant of the last spring but you may say other wise.

So guys can I have help? Thank you.

From: Noah

UPDATE: September, 14, 2015

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know guys I figured out what is causing the problem. You should know when I first got my 3d printer I ran into design issues and that led to me doing what I did. You see the extruder was attached by the hotend on the 3d printer by 3d printed parts in which if you can imagine that would cause it to melt. Then I made a new extruder mount out of wood and now we are at the present. You see the extruder mount was too loose causing the extruder to move up and down. That lead the nozzle to clog even when I uncloged it repeatedly.

Now I have a new problem. After learning that was the problem I am buying a new extruder mount off amazon. I am also running into the nozzle not being able to unclog. I have unclogged it to the best of my ability and I can't seem to get anymore filament out of it. I have put it in acetone for four days, used a drill bit to go inside of the nozzle and remove extra filament, and tried flossing the nozzle yet nothing comes out. I can't see light at the end of the nozzle still. Thank you.

From: Noah

UPDATE 9/27/2015

Dear: LMR

Hello guys just announcing the problem is solved. Although I am not printing perfectly better than nothing before. You should know my extruder mount, nozzles, and nozzle cleaning kit arrived a few days ago. For the past few days with in the little time I've had my printer working I have been trying to calibrate it. Also you should know that I never managed to unclog the nozzle for many reasons so I just bought some new ones. On top of that the new metal extruder mount is working far better than the old one. I'd like to also thank LMR for helping me so much. Wish me good luck!!!

From: Noah


Have you checked the extruder tempture? a new hot end will have a different thermocouple / resistor

Yes I have.

Dear: Peter

I have checked the extruder temperature. I have changed it from numbers between 230 and 240 and still nothing happens. I am also using abs plastic.

From: Noah

more checks

But have you measure the real temp? my hot end reads 30deg low when measured with a probe, the other check i like to do is extrude 50 mm then remove the filiment and check the bite of the hobed gear should have nice even marks with no slipping.if you have some PLA push it through the extruder then let it cool to about 90 then slowly pull it out that will clean the nozzle have a look at what you pull out for dirt. after i use abs i always have to clean the nozzle

Thank you I will give it a try.

Thank you I will give it a try. I don’t have PLA but I will do everything else.



Filament jaming

Generly that should have been enough, one problem i have at the moment is my extruder is worn when i add new filament it gets jamed in the edges in the path way to the heater which makes it look like a blocked nozzel. Also if you have retract enabled and the barrel gets hot the filament swells due to the hammering,  when you next print and the barrel is cooler you have a jammed nozzle again 

Did you know I can’t see light at the end of the nozzle?

Dear: Peter

That would make sense but I did mention that I can’t see light at the end of the nozzle. Isn’t that an indicator of a clogged nozzle? Also there is no filament in the hotend just the nozzle. I removed the hollow threaded rod and dipped it in acetone and later got a drill bit to clean it out.

From: Noah

I have a hard time seeing

I have a hard time seeing light through a .4mm hole any way

now i extrude 10 mm of filament then look and feel the extruded filament if its smooth then good if it feel course then i clean with pla

(wait until the temp is 90 c then slowly pull out the filament you will be surprised how much dirt comes out)

when you load the filament make sure its straight and put a point on it

if your nozzle can be removed measure how much friction is on the filament(push through by hand)

what size filament are you using?



Use metal as mount

Plastic and wood are flammable, which can be a problem if the thermistor gets detached and the hot end raises temperature without control.
I’d also recommend to have some spare nozzles around. You can get nozzles for a few dollars from Aliexpress.

Thank you but I am hoping to use metal now.

Dear: Silux

You should know that the mount made of wood is no longer working. So I have no choice but to use a metal one. I am buying this one off amazon. Wish me good luck.

From: Noah

Dear: PeterFirst of all you

Dear: Peter

First of all you asked what filament I am using I am using 1.75mm abs. Second of all thank you I will try that.

From: Noah

I bought at last PLA and it is definitely a clogged nozzle.

Dear: LMR

Hello guys you should know that I normally do see light at the end of a nozzle. I don’t know how I see light at .4mm hole but I do. Second of all my nozzle really is clogged and I have no idea how because I have tried unclogging it to the best of my ability. This is how I know the nozzle is clogged.


I'm not sure if you can see this in the picture but that is PLA plastic filament in which I bought off of amazon and the filament has just been removed from the extruder. As you can see it is wriled up for some reason in which this concludes me the problem is a clogged nozzle because I tried extruding 30 cm of filament and nothing happened. Any suggestions?

From: Noah 

Sometimes the filament what they give you might be rubbish, so I recommend buying some cheap one on the internet e.g. amazon. Normally the Chinese give you really cheap stuff so it is better if you buy it from proper firms. Hope that helps