Solar powered motors

Test with solar panels and motors!
3 solar panels give enough current to move a couple of these popular 3-6v motors, with 6 470uF capacitors as buffer.

I will test soon with an arduino nano and a driver:)

nice share bro. I’m gonna

nice share bro. I’m gonna use solar for charging my robot’s power supply, e.g when my robot use several power banks as power supply or maybe an accu

The output from the

The output from the multimeter was 7.4v and 30mA, so it can charge a battery pack. The current is really little, that’s why capacitors are needed.

A small rover can run with 5 of these small panels without battery:)

I ordered some supercapacitors that will act as a buffer to feed better the motors. Some batteries are still needed to make it run reliably.

I found also some “solar power bank” from Aliexpress which are sold for 11-15dollars, and are also waterproof (rainproof maybe).