Soil monitoring system

Hey you guys I have made another robot this time it is a soil monitoring system my parents got a bunch of plants and I find they over water them so I have made a system that can track if it is over hydrated or dehydrated I put everything into a bin so I can carry it around to diffrent plants to monitor them all

-lcd 16
-soil moisture sensor
-voltage module

-battery 9v

Here’s a video


Excellent! Consider the following:

  • Moisture (soil)
  • Light
  • Humidity (general)

I guess voltage gives a sense of how long a battery might last? If you want to potentially create a project which others might copy, add a pH sensor and put it all in a nice 3D printed case:

If you’re learning about robotics in general as I’ve seen from your other posts), if you’re interested in PCB design you could always try to create a single “shield” which allows for easy connection to all of the sensors etc.

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will do thanks ill probably add led as a light emidines i am also interested in pcb design as well so will help to learn how to make pcbs but I’m taking it one step at a time you know what im saying but anyway thanks for the advice my friend appreciate it as always :upside_down_face:

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